domestic Violence

1 in 5 men admit to domestic violence yet probably 5% are ever reported. Think of all of the pain and fear many in our society deal with daily. We only hear about the sensational cases that are dominating our media and society.  Universal Conflict Resolution is presenting a You Tube Video on 15 warning signs of domestic violence. My partner John is doing the presentation and will have you thinking about what you can do to end this epidemic. If only 2,000 of our Facebook followers share the warning signs with 10 friends enormous pain can be averted. We must all tell our friends about the 15 warning signs of domestic violence. #domestic violence

conflict& violence prevention

Look for Universal Conflict Resolution  to reach out to our country’s Superintendents,  Administrators and Teachers as we begin a new and exciting school year. Hopefully it will be a safe and amazingly productive year. We have posted a You Tube video and we will sell the hard copy of the program on  Still, we will follow through with our introductory price of $199.95 while supplies last. This single program has enough violence prevention materials to fill a Teacher’s lesson book for an entire school year. Take care and be safe. #School Violence Prevention Program