When attempting to resolve potential violence, even with the best intentions, there are crucial mistakes you can make. 1. You escalate things by being loud and emotional. You must model calmness.  2. You don’t get the proper facts and thus lose the confidence of the participants.  3. You rush to judgment and develop a lose/lose outcome! For the complete list of 10 peacemaker mistakes and for access to 300 other violence prevention materials go to and download the entire program today. #Violence

Violence early recognition offers 10 ways to immediately intervene in a conflict which undoubtedly is your best chance at de-escalation. Here are the top 3 things you can do.
1. Share your feelings with a trusted colleague or friend and find out if they sense the same conflict brewing.  2. Focus immediately on problem solving and develop an action plan. 3. Communicate with the people involved and identify and focus on  the feelings and emotions as well as the dispute. For the complete list and access to 300 other valuable violence prevention materials go to our website  The sooner you act the better your chances! #Violence