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In 2011 Tom Schockemoehl and John Stewart founded Universal Conflict Resolution. UCR's mission is simple: to reduce the negative impact of unresolved conflict on our world by teaching individuals, families, groups and organizations positive, assertive, conflict resolution skills!

Together Tom and John developed a plan to reduce school conflict by providing staff, students, and administration with a peer mediation/conflict resolution program.

This effective and proven program helped reduce school violence and in addition taught conflict resolution skills to students and staff.
john stewart
John Stewart
John Stewart is a consultant, educator, peer mediation/conflict resolution specialist.  John received his Bachelor Degree in health and wellness education from the University of St. Thomas and a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of St. Mary’s with an emphasis on conflict resolution.  John published his master thesis “Resolving the adolescent’s conflict” in 2004. John worked for 16 years as a health educator and a conflict resolution specialist in both middle school and high school settings.  In 1999 he developed a truancy prevention program called AM Hoops which encouraged at risk youth to come to school early with the incentive of participating in academic and athletic programs.  He also served as the athletic director for 6 years and this is where he met his trusted colleague Tom Schockemoehl.  John currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife Joyce, daughter Isabelle and son William.

Email John: john@ucrmn.com
john stewart
Tom Schockemoehl
Tom Schockemoehl is a consultant, educator, conflict resolution/leadership trainer and a diversity specialist. Tom earned his Masters Degrees in Counseling from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa and worked for many years in one of the toughest schools in the country. Violence was rampant with four hundred new students yearly and the highest staff turnover in the district. Tom started a peer mediation/leadership program that helped reduce incidents of violence by fifty percent in one year alone. His leadership group won the NBA Stay in School contest and was featured on national TV. He was nominated as counselor of the year for the State of Minnesota for his work. He lives in South Florida and has one daughter and four grandsons. He founded Universal Conflict Resolution in 2011 with his trusted friend John Stewart. UCR’s mission is simple: reduce the negative impact of unresolved conflict by teaching positive, assertive conflict resolution skills to individuals, families and organizations.

Email Tom: tomyschock@ucrmn.com
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