Bullying and Child Safety Program

Universal Conflict Resolution


Unit 1 - Bullying

Bullying has become a worldwide epidemic and parents and children must learn how to react to this devastating problem that is destroying lives. Suicide has surpassed car accidents as the leading cause of death of our young people and many experts believe bullying is the reason. Parents must advocate a zero tolerance approach to bullying and intervene immediately in order to protect their children and families. STOP BULLYING NOW!
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Topics Covered in this Unit

B-01: Bullying "Eight questions every parent should ask their child"
B-02: Ten tips to help keep your child from becoming a bullying victim
B-03: Eight actions for dealing with a bully
B-04: Eleven bullying intervention strategies
B-05: Examples of bullying behavior
B-06: How to help a bullying victim
B-07: Characteristics of a bully
B-08: Ten ways to disarm the cyber bully
B-09: Examples of cyber bullying
B-10: Ten Facts about cyber bullying
B-11: What you can do about a cyber-bully now

B-12: "Victim of a bully"
B-13: Eight reasons why bullying is kept a secret, facts and activity
B-14: Bullycide awareness activity
B-15: What bullies thrive on group activity
B-16: Bullying "helping the loner" activity
B-17: Bullying small group activity "suicide"
B-18: Bullied it could happen! Small and large group activity
B-19: The bullying activity
B-20: Bullying role plays
B-21: Bullied! The doctor small group discussion
B-22: Cyber bullying Activity
B-23: Anti-bullying community and school activity


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