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Unit 5 - Communication

What you say and do in the early stages of conflict is either going escalate or deescalate the conflict so you must chose your words wisely. Effective communication is essential in successful conflict resolution and safety training. “Thanks for listening" and "I am sorry" are simple yet dynamic words!
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Topics Covered in this Unit

C-01: The Importance of effective communication
C-02: Twelve ways to tell if someone is lying to you
C-03: Eight signs that a person is telling the truth
C-04: Ten physical and mental benefits of telling the truth
C-05: Twelve communication mistakes
C-06: Ten common communication mistakes of presenters and speakers
C-07: Top ten nonverbal communication tools
C-08: Five tips on passive aggressive communication
C-09: Ten rules for communicating electronically

C-10: Ten tips for talking to children about violence
C-11: "Communication is not a one way street" activity
C-12: Role Play on communication "I statements"
C-13: Nonverbal communication role plays
C-14: Role Play on gossip
C-15: Scenarios on effective communication
C-16: Activity on "my strengths and weaknesses"
C-17: Communication is a must
C-18: "Bravery is in the heart" activity sheet for discussion
C-19: Believe in yourself
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