Bullying and Child Safety Program

Universal Conflict Resolution


Unit 3 - Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution skills must be taught and modeled by every parent if we are to stop the cycle of violence. Tremendous positive growth can come from the resolution of conflict and unit two gives parents all the training tools they need to teach and mentor these powerful skills to children AND adults.
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Topics Covered in this Unit

CR-01: Ten conflict resolution tips
CR-02: Top ten de-escalation responses
CR-03: Ten consequences of conflict
CR-04: (PLE) Professional Learning Environment
CR-05: Twenty Warning signs of unhealthy relationships
CR-06: Ten mental and emotional effects of conflict on relationships
CR-07: Conflict and violence
CR-08: Ten conflict resolution skills you must teach your children
CR-09: Twelve conflict resolution activities for problem solving
CR-10: Important words for Conflict Resolution training
CR-11: Turning conflict into positive growth
CR-12: Conflict resolution the "true leader" activity
CR-13: Don't allow conflict to destroy our world activity
CR-14: Poster and family activity on conflict resolution, "the conflicted" mind

CR-15: Poster family activity on conflict resolution
CR-16: Poster and family activity on conflict resolution skill building
CR-17: Poster and family activity on the peace maker and problem solver
CR-18: Conflict action plan form
CR-19: Conflict Resolution role plays
CR-20: Getting on with life family activity
CR-21: UCR's thought's on disciplining children
CR-22: Small group discussion "when a child pulls within the heartbreak begins"
CR-23: Small group discussion "A parent is only as happy as their saddest child"
CR-24: Conflict Resolution family activity
CR-25: Conflict Resolution skill building
peer mediation


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