Bullying and Child Safety Program

Universal Conflict Resolution


Unit 4 - Leadership

Great leaders are not born they are developed through hard work, training and life experiences. Parents can teach their children invaluable lifelong leadership skills that will help them lead happier and safer lives as well as enjoying the positive self esteem that comes with being a respected leader.

Topics Covered in this Unit

L-01: Leaders Lead
L-02: Ten attributes of a great leader
L-03: Leadership in young adults
L-04: Ten ways to build confidence in leaders
L-05: Eight steps to develop a leadership team
L-06: Seven must things for a leader to do
L-07: Seven leadership actions
L-08: Seven tips for facilitating and managing a leadership team
L-09: The golden rule of leadership
L-10: How to help young leaders become effective communicators
L-11: Small or large group activity: 5 top reasons leaders fail

L-12: Poster and small group activity on leaders lead
L-13: Poster and small group activity on leaders change frustration into motivation
L-14: Small group discussion leadership activity 2
L-15: Poster large group activity "be yourself"
L-16: Poster small group leadership activity future growth
L-17: Poster leadership poster your team
L-18: Poster activity top leadership building
L-19: Poster and activity your best days
L-20: Poster and activity Is it you
L-21: Leadership training activity
L-22: Leadership small group activity
L-23: Poster recognizing a leader
L-24: Leadership self-elevation
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