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Universal Conflict Resolution


Unit 6 - Mediation

Mediation is a important tool in effective conflict resolution and every parent and child should master mediation skills. Communities and schools with professional mediation programs have seen a tremendous decrease in violence! It is your responsibility as a parent to make sure mediation programs are developed and readily accessible to all!
peer mediation

Topics Covered in this Unit

PM-01: Eight Powerful community benefits of a mediation program
PM-02: Peer Mediation
PM-03: Twelve tips for starting a Peer Mediation program
PM-04: Fifteen ways to build confidence in peer mediators
PM-05: Peer mediation training exercise
PM-06: Eight skills a mediator needs to master
PM-07: Peer mediation training responses
PM-08: Peer mediation helpful terms
PM-09: Four absolute musts for peer mediation
PM-10: Peer mediation training activities
PM-11: Peer Mediation small group activity and poster: "I believe in you"
PM-12: Peer mediation poster and team building
PM-13: Peer mediation new student role play
PM-14: Peer mediation role play: The New Movie
PM-15: Peer mediation role play
PM-16: Peer mediation role play: The New Student
PM-17: Peer mediation role play: Lost Soccer Game
PM-18: Peer mediation role play: The Practical Joker
PM-19: Peer mediation role play: The Rumor
PM-20: Peer mediation role play: The Vandal
PM-21: Peer mediation role play: The Cheater
PM-22: Peer mediation role play development
PM-23: Peer mediation evaluation forms
PM-24: Peer mediation teacher or staff recommendation form
PM-25: Peer mediation student application form
PM-26: Peer mediation parent/guardian permission form
PM-27: Mediation in progress sign
PM-28: Peer mediation form
peer mediation


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